Asian Cuisine Noodle and dumplings

by Tastymakan on 05/29/2015 - 05:17 pm

in Asian restaurants in singapore

When we talk about Asian food, the first thing which comes in our mind is Chinese noodles and dumplings. Nice cooked noodles with steamed dumpling give you a rich flavor of taste in your mouth and you feel like you are in heaven. There are thousands of Asian restaurants in Singapore which serve one of the delicious cuisines in Singapore.
It feels lucky that we are in Singapore where we can find the real taste of Chinese food and my favorite is noodles and dumpling such a healthy food with great taste. The most exciting thing is that we may choose the thickness of the noodles as we like and Chinese noodle is not like a packet noodles. Asian restaurants in Singapore make their own noodles whi ...

Moon cake Chinese Dessert

by Tastymakan on 05/29/2015 - 05:07 pm

in Chinese restaurants in singapore

Chinese cuisine is popular in the entire world. Their tradition, culture gives a unique look and taste to their cuisine. Their sweet and delicious dessert gives a unique identity to Chinese food. Chinese restaurants in Singapore are popular to serve great taste of Chinese cuisine, but they are also famous for serving world’s best desserts.
Moon cakees a Chinese baked sweet dish which is easily available in Chinese restaurants. Traditionally Chinese eat Moon cakees in the mid-autumn festival. But in Singapore, you no need to wait for any festival to enjoy the sweet and sour taste of Moon cake. It is one of the best Chinese sweet dish which is serves in Chinese restaurants. Moon cakes h ...

Brazilian Food

by Tastymakan on 05/22/2015 - 06:43 pm

in Brazillian restaurants in singapore

Brazil is best known for its music, dance, drinks and food in all over the world and you can get all these four things in Brazilian carnival. But you cannot get Brazilian carnival in Singapore, but you will get Brazilian cuisine in Singapore very easily. There are many Brazilian restaurants in Singapore which serves delicious Brazilian meal.
You can enjoy the Brazil’s famous dish Rice and beans. It is a stew of beans with beef or pork which taste delicious with boiled rice. Rice is cooked with condiments, vegetables oil and fats which give a rich flavor and nice taste to rice. The taste of Brazilian food is just amazing and it is also easy to get Brazilian style seafood in Singapore. ...

Barbecue Sea food

by Tastymakan on 05/21/2015 - 12:48 pm

in Barbecue Restaurants in singapore

Singapore is popular among foodies. There you can find a large verity of local as well as international taste. If you like barbecue food, then you can find thousands of barbecue restaurants in Singapore which offer you different type of bbq cuisine.
You can find the local seafood barbecue which is cooked on charcoal with Indian condiments and Chinese wine. Barbecue restaurants offer you a rich flavorful taste of delicious meat pieces. Crabs, prawns, lobster, and fish barbecue are the popular dishes in all over Singapore and these are affordable too. The grilled lobster tail is the perfect seafood barbecue for any occasion. It is cooked at very low temperature by which its juices comes out a ...